World= Hell or Heaven?

Many of us wonder,

What is world, there are people who so strongly believe that this world is hell, that they commit suicide, while another side of these extremists are people who very strongly support the notion of the world being heaven,

But off course many of us have beliefs regarding the world from our religious values.

The question we should be asking is, why does person A views the world to be heaven and person B hell? when both of them have the same eyes from which they view the world.

My dearest readers, many of you would straight away answer, due to our experiences in life, and if you did, you would be partly right, but please stay for a while to view the complete story.

Perceptions, it is how we interpret the data we receive from our mainly five senses, and this is the criminal behind such a drastic difference of views.

Two friends, Mr.A and Mr.B walks down a road together, Mr.A sees fighting and brawling, the old grandpa cursing the children outside his house, blood and gore, while the person with him, sees the beautiful flowers at the side of the road, the naughty kids teasing the grandpa and the grandpa scaring them in return, he also sees the blue wide sky.


From above you should have realized how they saw differently from the same thing.



Okay, for another proof or demonstration I will use you my dear reader, in whatever setting you are reading this, I would like to ask you to see one thing and name it, for eg if you are in a room, give a random glance and name a thing, now ask another person to do the same in your setting, and he will name a different thing.

why? when a room is filled with all these things, you spotted and named only what you named?

Have you ever wondered how your likes and dislikes change, maybe in your childhood you didn’t like yogurt that much, but now as an adult you quite like it?


It is because of perceptions, or your view of world. With your every thought and experience your perceptions change.

A real life case was observed, two colleges had a match against each other, let’s name them A and B, after the match was concluded, replay videos were provided to both colleges students, college A students were asked to find their unfounded mistakes or red cards while college B students were required to find college A students faults too.

Guess what happened?

College A students found minimal mistakes, since they were the ones playing, while college B students found comparatively more than double mistakes,

why is that?

It’s because both teams saw what they were looking for, college A students believed they did fair play and found very few mistakes, but college B students were looking for mistakes specifically with a belief that college A did mistakes.

Hence the difference in results.

Let me give you another example, words you write and read, what are they? They are literally symbols that we linked to a meaning, but now when you read  the letter A, you no longer see a symbol but ONLY the letter A.


It is the same with how we speak or hear, all of you should have heard some animal sounds in your life, the way we sound should be similar, why? Because they are just voices, but we have so deeply attached a meaning to them that we no longer hear our voices but a meaning.

Voices will be when you hear a foreign language you don’t understand, you will not get any meaning, ┬ásee how we only see what we are looking for?


Lets go through some visuals too.

Here what do you see? A beautiful normal handshake?

abnormal handshake


If yes then please by all means look once again,

This time, count the fingers, and you will notice how including the thumb they are actually six.

Why did you not see that in the first place?

It was because you were not looking for it, you were looking at a handshake!


Perhaps, another visual may further clarify your doubts, see this image and try to notice if anything is wrong with it.


abbnormal mcdonlads


Now if you would please pay attention to the spelling on the board, you would quickly realize that its actually McDonlad’s, it should be McDonald’s.

Here when you saw the so familiar board of McDonald’s, your mind was only looking for the meaning, avoiding the reality, it gave you what you wanted to see.


At this point you should realize that perceptions are biased, and they will manipulate the reality into something different for you to see.

For eg, rain, in rain some people would curse while other would dance with joy, but what is rain?


It is simply rain, anything other than it being rain, is what you are adding to it through your perceptions.


So world is how you view the world to be, flowers in a garden or a fighter in a pit, but in reality, world can only be describe as world.


To absorb what you have read, I would recommend to practice and and notice when sometimes you naturally think the reality to be something it is not, and then try to see the reality as it is.


We learned here in this post, how what we think the reality to be is not how it actually is, and now we are somewhat aware of our illusive perceptions distorting the reality.

Next time we will learn the importance of ‘thought’ and know what truly is a thought and how it can change our whole life.


I understand the fact that many of us who will read this post will want a quick change in their life, but please know this, rome was not built in a day,

We have to move forward step by step, from awareness to change, and it can only be done by persistence and your hard work.


I hope we have all gained something from this post and if anyone have any questions regarding the subject or about me, they can ask in comments,

thank you for reading,


Kind regards,